Monday, August 10, 2015


Acc. to IPS Sydney, solar activity was low on Aug 9 and this was from region 2396.  The solar wind increased from 480 km/s to nearly 600 km during the last 24 hrs. During this period, the Bz component of IMF varied between +/-5 nT and Bt reached levels of 7 nT. No earth-directed CMEs was observed for the UT day.
Solar wind conditions were expected to remain mildly disturbed during  August 10 due to the lingering effects of a coronal hole and are expected to abate slowly. Low to moderate levels of solar activity were expected for Aug 10 with C-class flaring likely and some chance of M-class flaring on this day.
Despite this, some good propagation this morning here in Melbourne on 7 MHz - this is a summary of selected occupancies between 2030 and 2055, Aug 9 2015.
7205 TURKEY English
7205 SUDAN Arabic -  co-channel Turkey
7240 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Chinese
7275 CHINA CNR1 Chinese
7285 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick English
7290 CHINA CNR1 Chinese
7365 THAILAND VOA-Udorn Korean
7370  CHINA CNR2 *2055
7425 IRAN Spanish
7450 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Chinee
7485 PHILS VOA-Tinang Korean
7530 TAIWAN Praise Music Ministries (Tamsui) Hakka
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