Sunday, November 22, 2015


Viewbank, near the Yarra River, Nov 22, 2015
👀 Continuing good propagation in to Melbourne during our pre-sunrise window, dominated by strong signals via short (darkness) path transmissions from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies on UT November 22 2015, across the UT time span 1630 to 1700.

11660 SWAZILAND TWR-Manzini Afro langs
11670 PHILS VOA-Tinang Tibetan
11680 TURKEY Pashto
11720 MARIANAS RFA-Agignan Uyghur
11730 BELARUS Polish
11735 ZANZIBAR domestic
11750 SRI LANKA SLBC-Trincomalee Sinhala
11800 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim, Karardian dialect
11830 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Tajik
11850 SAO TOME VOA Portuguese
11875 GERMANY BVB-Nauen, Nuer dialect
11985 GERMANY RL-Biblis Russian
11995 THAILAND BBC-Nakon Persian
12005 GERMANY R. Farda Biblis Persian
12045 THAILAND BBC-Nakon Dari to 1800*
12055 GERMANY RL-Biblis Uzbek
12075 KUWAIT VOA (R. Ashna) Pashto

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