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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Solar activity continues to be very low!
Here is a summary of spectrum occupancy in the 15 MHz, 13 MHz and 5 MHz bands during the Melbourne pre-sunrise window on March 12 2016, in the time span 1530 to 1600.
4750 BANGLADESH English
4750 CHINA CNR1 Chinese
4900 INDIA Hyderabad domestic
4800 CHINA CNR1 Chinese
4810 ARMENIA V.of Armenia, Yerevan, Assyrian
4810 INDIA Bhopal domestic
4820 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Chinese
4820 INDIA Kolkata domestic
4850 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Kazakh
4885 TAIWAN Echo of Hope (VOH) Korean
4895 INDIA Kurseong domestic to 1545*
4905 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Tibetan
4920 INDIA Chennai domestic to 1545*
4920 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Tibetan
4940 CHINA V. of Strait, Chinese
4970 INDIA Shillong domestic to 1545*
4980 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Uyghur
5040 INDIA Jeypore domestic
5050 INDIA Aizawl domestic
5060 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Chinese
5060 INDIA Chennai domestic to 1545*
13590 SRI LANKA VOA (Deewa) Iranawila Pashto
13605 INDIA Swahili
13640 INDIA Gujarati
13670 INDIA Gujarati
13710 S. ARABIA Arabic
13785 IRAN English
13845 USA WWCR English
15130 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Russian
15140 OMAN R. Oman Arabic
15150 GERMANY Athmeeya Yatra Radio, Nauen, Indian langs
15225 S. ARABIC Arabic
15250 GERMANY AWR-Nauen Hindi
15290 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn Punjabi
15340 AUSTRALIA HCJB-Kununurra English
15470 PHILS VR-Palauig English
15490 GUAM KSDA Guajarati
15620 VATICAN R. Veritas via SMG Filipino
15665 GUAM KSDA Kannada
15825 USA WWCR English

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