Monday, April 4, 2016


Solar activity continues to remain at a very low level, and is not expected to change significantly in the days ahead.
Long  haul, multi-hop propagation on frequencies above about 14 MHz on darkness or semi-darkness paths is unreliable.
This summary of notable spectrum occupancy may be of interest, for the Melbourne pre-sunrise window in the 9 MHz band, between 1830 band 1900 as researched on April 3, 2016:
9335 SRI LANKA IBB-Iranawila
9380 INDIA Nat Network
0390 THAILAND R. Thailand Udon English
9460 TURKEY Turkish
9480 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick French
0525 INDONESIA VOI Eur Service
9540  ROMANIA RRI German
9555 S. ARABIA Arabic
0560 CHINA CRI-B Russian
9560 CHINA CRI-Beijing Russian
9600 CHINA CRI-B English
9625 AUSTRIA VOV-Moosbrunn French
9780 KUWAIT IBB Pashto
9840 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Russian
9885 VATICAN VR-SMG French

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