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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Monitoring Research

Solar activity continues to be very low, with the 10.7 Solar Radio Flux having dropped to 74 and the Daily Equivalent Sunspot Number down to 11.
These numbers are not expected to change significantly in the immediate future, meaning that long-haul multi-hop propagation on darkness or semi-darkness paths on frequencies above about 13 MHz will continue to be unreliable.
Here in Melbourne, there has been good propagation on 7 and 9 MHz in our sunrise period, from Europe, Africa, Asia the ME and the Americas.
The summary which follows indicates notable occjupancies in the period 1900 to 1930, on December 27, 2016.
7295 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
7365 CHINA CRI-Beijing Portuguese
7375 ROMANIA Romanian
7455 FRANCE R. Denge Kurdistane, Issoudin, Kurdish
9275 USA WNLK English
9475 USA WTWW English
9825 ENGLAND R. Darfur via Woofferton, Sudanese
9895 UAE RTI-Dhabbaya French
9980 USA TOM-WWCR English

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