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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Monitoring Research 9 MHz spectrum

Solar activity remains.low – 10.4 cm Flux down to 80, Daily Equivalent SS number dropped to 20.
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies in the 9 MHz band, researched on April 18, 2017, across the time span 2100 to 2200, from here in Melbourne.
2100 to 2130
9350 USA WWCR English (long path)
9490 KUWAIT VOA French
9565 USA R. Marti Greenville Spanish (long path)
9655 FRANCE RTM-Issoudin Arabic
9870 S. ARABIA Arabic
9935 GREECE VOG Greek (parallel 9420)
2130 to 2200
9320 PHILS VOA-Tinang Cambodian
9410 CHINA CRI-Kashi Portuguese *2200
9505 USA TOM-WHRI English *2200 (long path)
9535 CHINA CRI-Xian Japanese
9590 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
9650 N. KOREA VOK Japanese
9805 S. KOREA KBS Indonesian
9845 PHILS VOA-Tinang Chinese
9980 USA WWCR English (long path)
NOTE – many 9 MHz channels are now used by CRI and CNR in this time period, too numerous and not representing significantly notable propagation, not shown here!

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