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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strong daytime signals for early winter!

Here in Melbourne, winter officially started on June 1, which is represented by very good daytime signals during the various propagation windows.

49 mb is good for shortparth from Europe, ME, and Africa until about 0000, and returns around 0200 for longpath, 10 am to noon here! 41 and 31 mbs from the same areas are good right through during our 10 am to 2 pm window, 0000-0400.

There is also excellent shortpath propagation from Europe, Middle East and Africa in the 19 and 16 mbs in the 0000-0500 period, with signals following the daylight route, and arriving in Melbourne from the west.

Yesterday afternoon I was out in the Olinda Forest 20 km east of here, and did some propagation research with the little Eton and a 5 m antenna, which revealed the following occupancies:

4790 PERU R. Nueva Atlantida, Iquitos, 0505
4985 BRAZIL R. Brasil Central, 0500-0530, peaking 0515 (Antarctic transmission path)
4915 BRAZIL Radiodif. Macapa, Brazil, 0510

5910 COLOMBIA Marfil Estereo, 0515
5945 GERMANY VOA-Biblis, Albanian 0515
5955 GERMANY RFE-Biblis, Moldovan *0400-0430*
6010 BELARUS 0515
6040 TURKEY VOT Turkish 0405
6090 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn, Farsi 0510
6180 PORTUGAL DW-Sines English 0400
6185 VATICAN VR various langs 0445
7205 GERMANY RFE-Biblis Russian 0355
7230 VATICAN RCI via Vatican relay 0355 Arabic
7265 GERMANY VOA-Biblis Turkish *0330-0400*
7290 GERMANY RFE-Lampertheim Caucausian langs 0300
7310 ENGLAND DW-Rampisham German 0300
7320 ENGLAND BBC-Skelton Farsi 0230-0330*
7350 ROMANIA RRI Romanian *0400
7390 GERMANY RFE-Lampertheim Tatir-Bashkir 0300
7410 CYPRUS BBC Arabic 0300
Higher Frequency Bands
11980 TURKEY Turkish 0415
15215 ROMANIA RRI Mandarin *0400
15350 ROMANIA RRI French *0500
17780 ROMANIA RRI Mandarin *0400

Regards from Melbourne

Bob Padula

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