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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Very good propagation into Melbourne

Propagation into Melbourne continues to be very good over the full 24 hrs, despite very low level of solar activity.

On June 4, the 10.7 cm solar flux had dropped to 75 and the equivalent sunspot number had fallen to 13, with a predicted drop to 74/11 on June 7!

It's early winter here in Melbourne, and the sun only rises to 28 degrees above the northern horizon during the noon transit, yielding barely nine hours of daylight.

The 49 and 41 mbs are now very active all day, with various combinational/specialized propagation modes appearing and disappearing as the day progresses!

Fascinating opportunities to observe and research long-haul propagation during a period of negligible solar activity.

This summary will be of interest, of June 4, 2010:

4964 ZAMBIA CVC mega-signal 2150

5865 KUWAIT RFA, Mandarin *2200
5905 OMAN BBC Al Seela, English 2200
5960 PMG R. Fly, audible from as early as 0500, 3pm here, E-mode propagation into Melbourne
 "   ROMANIA RRI English 2230
6080 SAO TOME VOA, English to 0600*
6100 CHINA CRI via Xian, Arabic *2000
6105 GERMANY RFE via Lampertheim, Belarusian to 0530*
6110 ETHIOPIA R. Farna, Oromo 2005
6125 VATICAN RN via SMG, Dutch 0530
6155 AUSTRIA ORF Moosbrunn, German 0500
6180 PORTUGAL DW via Sines, English 0445 to 0530*
6185 MEXICO R. Educacion, peaking 0530
 "   ALBANIA CRI via Cerrick, Arabic 2000

7335 VATICAN VR via SMG, Bulgarian 0445
7435 ROMANIA RTI English 2230
7570 USA RTI via Okeechobee, Spanish 0515

9850 GERMANY NHK via Wertachtal, French *0530
9690 ROMANIA RRI English *2030
9790 ROMANIA RRI English 2230

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