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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Many new shortwave QSLs received!

I would like to share with you some details of my latest SW QSLs received.

I consider the systematic and targeted collection of QSLs to be a very
important aspect of the shortwave hobby, with my first QSL for reception of
Radio Japan on March 2, 1954, 11725, at 0930.

Since then I have steadily increased my QSL count, with my achievements
having been augmented over the past 12 months by the continuing expansion of
the use of relay sites by many international broadcasters, yielding many new
Station/Site combinations.

I do not send return postage, and neither do I report via Email. All reports
are hand written, using a personalized reception report form, and I include
a postcard of Melbourne.

There are no duplicate frequencies in my QSL collection for any given

My Statistics ignore the hundreds of QSLs I have received from "Pirate",
"Utility", "Time Signal" or Medium-wave broadcasters.

R. Tirana paper QSLs showing dancer in traditional costume, 7425, 6165, 9490

WYFR Dhabbaya 50 years anniversary cards 6045, 9685,9885
Polish Radio via Dhabbaya 9650 col cd shows Ancient Church, in "Passion

WYFR 7490 Yerevan, 50th ann cd

R. Sofia 6200 col cd shows Troyan Monastery

Polish Radio via Skelton 9490 col cd shows radio administration building

WYFR - Wertachtal 7305 6050 3975 9595, Nauen 6120 9480 50th anniversary cds
Bible Voice Broadcasting via Wertachtal 030 cp; cd with theme of "Reaching

NHK Radio Japan via Talata, 13840, col cd shows "Raftsmen"
WYFR via Talata, 76030, 50th ann cd

FEBC col cd shows aerial view of antenna field at Bocau, 9935

RRI Bucharest col cds - 9790 ancient fortified church, 7380 crystal radio
receiver of 1927

WYFR Moscow 6000 50th ann cd

WYFR Meyerton 9660 50th ann cd

RFA Taipei 11605 7355 col cds show Burmese Harp, in series of musical
instruments of Asia

VOT Emirler col cds - 11980, ancient underground cistern built in AD 540,
9610, "Maiden's Tower", 9460 historical train station built in 1890, 6120
white-water rafting at Dalaman

NHK Radio Japan 15205 Tashkent, col cd shows "Raftsmen"

All-time statistics
Total QSLs received 8353
Total Stations/Studios verified 1050
Total Current Countries verified 229
Total Former Countries verified 19
Total reception reports sent out 10,923 (since March 1954)
Reply rate: 77%

Statistics are based on Standards originally developed by the former
Australian DXing Federation, which embodies the DXCC philosophy of the
"Deleted Country".

I suggest that my Station Count, based on those Standards, is a world

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula


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