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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shortwave Monitoring

These are summaries of recent monitoring, which include the arrival for
the first time this summer of the Daytime Asian Mode:

Nov 29 2010
Jumping Creek Reserve - Warrandyte State Park - 25 km east of central
Melbourne, between 0400 and 0500, 9 MHz band:

Points of interest -

- Shortpath from Asia longpath from Europe, Africa, Middle East

9510 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudin, Arabic
9635 VIETNAM VOV nat network
9655 TURKEY VOT English
9750 MALAYSIA VOM-Kajang, English
9840 RUSSIA VOR-Petropavlovsk
9850 VIETNAM VOV nat net
9870 INDIA Hindi to 0435*
9875 VIETNAM VOV dialects net

Nov 30 2010
Balnarring Beach Foreshore, Westernport Bay, 70 km south of Melbourne,
between 0400 and 0500, 9 MHz and 11 MHz bands

Points of interest -

- Longpath from Europe, Africa, Middle East, shortpath from Asia and
- First signals this summer of Myanmar BS, Yangon, 9730
- Brazil 11815

9635 VIETNAM VOV nat net
9730 MYANMAR BS, Yangon, English and dialects, brief Asian Mode appearance
9750 MALAYSIA VOM-Kajang English
9850 VIETNAM VOV nat net
11640 IRAN VOIRI Turkish
11720 VIETNAM VOV nat net
11815 BRAZIL R. Brasil Central, peaking 0500
11895 ROMANIA RRI English
11925 IRAN VOIRI *0430 Hebrew

On the way down to Balnarring I bought petrol and a Mint/Chocolate Drumstick
at the Amoco station on the Westernport Highway, Lyndhurst. Didn't like the
drumstick so I gave the renmains to the seagulls!

Bob Padula

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