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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Klingenfuss products for 2011

The appended message is from my colleague Joerg Klingengfuss, Germany.

Note that I am the Australian agent for Klingenfuss Publications.

I have received the agent's copies of the SW Frequency Guide, the Utility
Guide and the CD Frequency List - see pricing and ordering details at my
bookshop home page

Bob Padula

Dear friends,

all new products for 2011

- 2011 Super Frequency List on CD
- 2011 Shortwave Frequency Guide
- 2011/2012 Guide to Utility Radio Stations
- 2011 Frequency Database for the PERSEUS Software-Defined Receiver
- 1997-2010 Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD

have been published by 4 December. We've worked around the clock and
hundreds of advance orders have been mailed by Monday 6 December,
i.e. well in time for the Christmas holiday and radio monitoring
season. Enjoy!

Please note that we did NOT increase our prices for 2011.

Since Larry Magne's Passport to World Band Radio has been
discontinued in 2009, our 2011 Shortwave Frequency Guide remains the
only international handbook that gives you full schedule details for
each entry in the unique broadcast frequency list, e.g.

4824.4 - La Voz de la Selva - Iquitos - PRU - 01.00-03.00 - Sp - dom -
7210.0 - All India Radio - Kolkata - IND - 04.00-05.00 - En Hi Bg -
dom - Sat Sun

11675.0 - Radio New Zealand International - Rangitaiki - NZL - 06.59-
07.58 - En - Pa - DRM

On our updated website

you can download full A4 size PDF sample pages of our latest printed
products as well as the new 2011 catalogue, plus detailed product
descriptions, sample pages, screenshots, and a list of dealers
worldwide - from Australia to the United States of America!
Alternatively, you may ask for our free 24-pages 2011 printed
catalogue to your postal address.

The 2011/2012 Guide to Utility Radio Stations is the 26th edition of
this standard reference book for both professional HF radio
monitoring services and non-professional radio listeners worldwide.

Deadline for the very latest 2011 broadcast schedules published in
the brandnew Shortwave Frequency Guide was on 20 November 2010.
Unlike traditional publications in this field, our clear layout and
new typeface provides for excellent legibility. See the brandnew PDF
sample pages on our comprehensive webpage!

Apart from the usual up-to-date broadcast and utility station and
schedule databases, the 2011 Super Frequency List on CD now covers
418 fascinating new digital data decoder screenshots from
professional HF stations around the globe.

Our product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD now covers more
than 7,800 (seven thousand eight hundred!) digital data decoder
screenshots from 1997 to today, essentially produced with WAVECOM
equipment. Feed your Windows PC with this CD, and the "slide show"
will keep you busy for a few days - or weeks!

WAVECOM W-CODE is a software decoder with inputs identical to the
famous W61PC. It allows seamless integration with SDR (Software-
Defined Radio) receivers with IQ data or digital audio outputs, and
provides all functions required to analyze, decode and process data
communications throughout the complete radio spectrum (HF, VHF, UHF,
SHF). RADIXON's Excalibur or MICROTELECOM's Perseus and the W-CODE
make a real dream team!

The W-CODE and W61 series of Digital Data Analyzer and Decoder
products are clearly targeted at the professional market. Typical
applications are manual or automated monitoring of radio
communication transmissions in the HF + UHF + VHF + SHF + satellite
bands, SIGINT, and signal analysis and classification. The superb new
software cracks 200+ modes with worldwide leading technology.
Detailed information can be found on our website and in the printed
brochure available upon request.

As precisely predicted by ourselves - and by nobody else! - already
10 years ago in 2000, HF e-mail continues to spread rapidly and has
developed into the major application of modern digital HF techniques
that we have marketed - and used! - for years.

After Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and the Haiti
Earthquake, Lesson # 1 says: Forget about satphone, BPL, cellphones,
e-mail and Internet. HF radio is vital!

Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

Klingenfuss Publications
Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring
Hagenloher Str. 14
72070 Tuebingen
Phone +49 7071 62830
Fax +49 7071 600849

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