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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monitoring from Melbourne - Nov 30 2010

As anticipated, the month has ticked over to December, and it is now
officially summer here in Victoria!

Looks set for a good season of bushwalking, coastal hiking, water action,
and Alpine exploration!

Propagation continues to be very good in our mornings uo to about 13 MHz -
shortpath from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Middle East, and my spectrum
research on Nov 30 has uncovered many new channel occupancies - here are
some selected entries, with some items on 60 mb:

4750 CHINA Qinghai People's PS, Xining, on extended schedule to 1900*, usual
sign-off is 1600!
4765 TAJIKISTAN Dushanbe, local service, Tajik, 1900-1930
4780 DJIBOUTI 1815 to 1930+
4810 ARMENIA V. of Armenia, Yerevan, *1900 Arabic
4895 S. AFRICA Zimabwe community Radio, Meyerton 1800-1900
4930 BOTSWANA VOA 1930 English
4965 ZAMBIA CVC 1900 English
4975 TAJIKISTAN VOR-Dushanbe, English 1915
5010 MADAGASCAR R. Madag., to 1900*
6030 GERMANY BVB-Wertachtal, huge signal 1920 Russian
6090 ENGLAND Polish Radio, Rampisham, *1800 Czech
6135 ENGLAND Polish Radio, Woofferton, *2000 Russian
7265 SPAIN REE to 1900* Arabic
7265 ENGLAND Polish Radio, Rampisham, *1900 Hebrew
9460 GERMANY BVB-Nauen, 1820 Hebrew
9635 ABU DHABI WYFR-Dhabbaya 1915 Hausa
9925 GERMANY BVB-Nauen to 1830* Farsi
11535 N. KOREA VOK 1915 English
11615 ASCENSION WYFR *2000 English
11635 ALBANIA R. Tirana *1945-2000* English
11665 ASCENSION WYFR 1920 Yoruba
11675 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawela 1905 Amharic, tremendous signal!

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Bob Padula


  1. Bob, I have a new jazzy RSS reader installed on the Mac, so this site is now listed. I'm expecting lots of summer DX news!! Cheers