Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have received my contributor's copy of World Radio TV Handbook 2011 direct
from England, which survived the snow and ice at Heathrow!

The receiver reviews range from "Ultralights", priced from around US$45, to
big professional radios such as the AOR AR5001D at US$3800!

A Chapter looks at 80s and 90s Classic Receivers.

The article titled "Digital Update" paints a very negative picture of
DRM-HF, suggesting that this technology is not supported by any inexpensive
mass-market receivers, and is just about finished.

WRTH also announces the impending release of a new product, a Bargraph
Frequency Guide as a CD, covering B10 international broadcasts and domestic

This will be in the form of a PDF file on the CD, in frequency order, with
different colors used to distinguish languages.

It eppears to be very siumilar to the old Frequency Guide published by WRTH
some years ago as a print product, which was not successsul due to limited

It is promoted as heing available from January 2011, but no pricing details
are as yet available.


Bob Padula

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