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Saturday, March 5, 2011

15 MHz spectrum research

Solar activity has moved slightly upwards on March 4, 2011 - 10.7 cm flux
rose to 121, and SSN increased to 73.

These figures have not been reflected in any significant change in
propagation into Melbourne, which is now representative of conditions we
would historically expect for early autumn, with the March equinox

This is a summary of selected entries made between 0330 and 0400 on March 3,
2011, on 15 MHz, from a field monitoring location in Olinda forest, 40 km
east of central Melbourne, using the Eton E5 and 3 m random antenna in a
fern tree.

Dkonant mode was shortpath (daylight) from Asia, Middle East and Indian

Key occupancies included:

** R. Oman 15335 English
** Palau (WHR) 15680 English

15075 INDIA Hindi
15100 N. KOREA VOK Korean
15110 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
15120 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
15130 CHINA CRI-Beijing Chinese
15150 MARIANAS RFI-Tinian Chinese
15160 CHINA CRI-Jinhua Chinese
15170 S. ARABIA Arabic
15180 N. KOREA French
15185 INDIA Hindi
15195 JAPAN NHK-Yamata Japanese
15210 CHINA CRI-Kashi Hindi
15230 CUBA RHC Spanish
15250 RUSSIA VOR-Irkutsk Russian
15270 CHINA CNR2-Beijing Chinese
15285 S. ARABIA Swahili *0359
15320 S. ARABIA Somali
15335 THAILAND R. Azadi, Udorn, Dari
15350 CHINA CRI-Kashi Hindi
15355 OMAN R. Oman, Thumrait, English
15370 CHINA CNR1 Chinese
15380 CHINA CNR2 Chinese
15390 CHINA CNR13 Uyghur
15435 CHINA CRI-Xian Russian
15520 RUSSIA VOR-Chita Russian
15570 CHINA CNR11 Tibetan
15590 THAILAND RFE-Udorn Uzbek
15600 SRI LANKA DW-Trincomalee Arabic
15620 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawela Somali
15680 PALAU WHRI (Koror) huge signal English

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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