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Saturday, March 26, 2011

9 MHz propagation report

Solar activity has fallen again - latest advice from the IPS in Sydney is
that the 10.7 cm solar flux has dropped to 108, and the daily Smoothed
Sunspot Number has decreased to 58. Those are very low levels, as we move
into Sunspot Cycle 24.

So, very little multi-hop long-distance propagation into Melbourne above
12 MHz in our pre- and post-sunrise periods, 1800 to 2100.

The new transmission season starts on March 27, and there are many
surprises, with some new relays and hundreds of changed frequencies

Good propagation, however, on 9 MHz from Africa, Middle East, Europe and
Asia in the 1930 to 2000 window - this monitoring summary should be of
interest, as at March 24 2011.

9305 EGYPT R. Cairo Arabic
9325 N. KOREA VOK German
9355 MARIANAS RFA Chinese
9390 FRANCE R. Algeria Issoudin Arabic
9405 ENGLAND RFE Woofferton Russian
9420 GREECE VOG Greek
9425 INDIA AIR National
9445 INDIA GOS English
9455 MARIANAS RFA Chinese
9470 INDIA AIR national
9490 ENGLAND Polish Radio Rampisham Ukrainian
9500 GERMANY WYFR Wertachtal Arabic
9510 ENGLAND RCI Skelton French
9525 INDONESIA VOI English
9535 CHINA CRI Portuguese
9545 ENGLAND DW Rampisham German
9550 RWANDA FEBA Kigali Arabic
9555 S. ARABIA BSKSA Arabic
9575 MOROCCO R. Medi Arabic
9585 GERMANY VOA Biblis English
9605 SPAIN REE English
9625 AUSTRIA AWR Moosbrunn French
9635 SRI LANKA DW Trincomalee
9645 CHINA CRI Kunming French
9655 CHINA CRI Kunming Turkish
9665 SPAIN REE English
9675 S. ARABIA BSKSA Arabic
9685 UAE WYFR Dhabbaya Hausa
9695 GERMANY WYFR Wertachtal French
9705 S. AFRICA WYFR Meyerton English
9725 TUNISIA Arabic
9735 RWANDA DW Kigali Portuguese
9870 S. ARABIA BSKSA Arabic
9885 UAE WYFR Dhabbaya English
9915 CYPRUS BBC Arabic
9990 EGYPT R. Cairo Hausa

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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