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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Propagation and Monitoring

Latest advice from IPS in Sydney is that the Solar Flux has drooped to
114, and the daily smoothed sunspot number is down to 65. IPS classifies
these levels as "very low".

Here in Melbourne, the centre of the known world, we're well into autumn,
and winter is just around the corner, which will bring with it some
interesting daytime propagation on 6, 7, and 9 MHz.

BTW, a Key Result Area for the EDXP is the extent of member activity in the
field of Propagation Studies - just a friendly reminder!

Some higher frequency Brazilian propagation into Melbourne of late -
shortpath across the
Antarctic regions, with signals arriving from the south

5990 R. Senada, Brasilia, audible from as early as 2030, to around 2200

11765 R. Super network, Curitiba - 0500-0600 with extended sked

11780 R. Nacional, Brasilia, 2100-2300

11815 R. Brasil Central, Goiania, 2200-2300 - some days, channel blocked by
REE Costa Rica

Brazilian stations on SW operate to irregular schedules, and available
propagation windows into Melbourne are narrow

7 MHz
Morning signals very good in period 2200 to 2300 - shortpath from Europe,
ME, Africa, Asia, and some longpath from the Americas.

Top-end occupancies noted include:

7420 GERMANY WYFR Wertachtal Arabic
7450 GREECE R. Makedonias, Avlis, Greek to 2250*
7465 USA WWCR English
7480 KUWAIT VOA English
7495 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudin Arabic
7505 TAJIKISTAN RFA Dushanbe, Tibetan
7520 USA WYFR Spanish
7555 KUWAIT VOA English
7585 SRI LANKA R. Farda, Iranawela, Farsi

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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