Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Radio Australia programming - major changes

Radio Australia has announced major changes to its programming, affecting
all language services, on shortwave, satellite, internet, podcasting and
rebroadcasting by local partner stations on FM/AM.

Some changes have already been introduced - others are being phased in over
the coming weeks and months.

There are now nine RA services available via streaming audio, or MP3
download. These include two new English radio stations available from 2130
to 0000 UTC – one for Asia, and one for the Pacific.

They are:

English for the Pacific
English for Asia
Tok Pisin

At present, the new English streams are identical, carrying RA English
programming, about one second delayed as compared with the SW outlets.

Since April 1 2011, some of the RA local evening English programs now
originate from ABC News Radio - if you check out News Radio you will hear
announcements such as "ABC News Radio and Radio Australia". The same
programming is also on the RA English service SW channels.

RA has also introduced access via Twitter, and Facebook connection is

For all of the details, visit

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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