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Friday, July 1, 2011

11 MHz spectrum research

It's mid-winter here in Eastern Ausdrtralia, and there is continuing good
propagation on 11 MHz into Melbourne during our post-sunrise window, in the
period 2130 to 2230.

Occupancy is dominated by signals from the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific
and Europe.

As advised by IPS in Sydney, the Solar Flux has fallen to 89, and the SSN
has dropped to 33, cited as very low levels.

This is a summary of entries of June 30, 2011, as noted 2130-2200, unless
indicated otherwise:

11535 N. KOREA VOK Chinese 2130-2230
11550 TAIWAN RA Tainan Indonesian *2200
11620 INDIA AIR English
11635 TAIWAN RTI Chinese 2200-2230
11650 AUSTRALIA RA-Shepparton English
11660 AUSTRALIA RA-Shepparton English
11680 N. KOREA KCBS Korean 2200-2230
11695 AUSTRALIA RA-Shepparton English 2130-2200, Indonesian *2200
11710 CHINA CNR1
11725 NZ RNZI English
11740 CHINA CNR2 2200-2230
11750 GUAM KSDA Chinese to 2200*
" CHINA CNR1 2200-2230
11765 IRAN VOIRI Japanese to 2200*
11785 MARIANAS RFA Tinian Chinese *2200-2230
11805 THAILAND VOA-Udorn Chinese 2200-2230
11850 GUAM KSDA Javanese 2200-2230
11865 RWANDA DW-Kigali English to 2200*
" PORTUGAL DW-Sines German 2200-2230
11880 ROMANIA RRI French to 2200*
11885 TAIWAN RTI Chinese 2200-2230
11910 JAPAN NHK-Yamata Japanese
11925 PHILIPPINES VOA-Tinang Chinese
11940 ROMANIA RRI English
11955 MARIANAS VOA-Tinian English 2200=-2230
11965 ROMANIA RRI Spanish to 2200*
12035 PHILIPPINES Vatican Radio via Tinang Chinse 200-2230
12080 AUSTRALIA RA-Brandon English

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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