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Monday, October 31, 2011

B11 cutbacks for Australia

Hi there!

For the new B11 season, Spanish Foreign Radio and Deutsche Welle
transmissions specifically targetted to Australia are no longer listed in
the ITU's HFCC Master Schedule, and it is assumed that those services have
now been abandoned.

According to HFCC, the only broadcasters maintaining external services
specifically to Australia are:

Voice of Russia (two hrs English, four hrs Russian)
V. of Turkey (one hr daily English)
HCJB-Australia (one hr daily English)
Croatian Radio (via Kranji) (four hrs daily Croatian/English)
Radio Cairo (two hrs daily Arabic)
KTWR (40 mins daily English)
Voice of Greece (many freqs registered, for Aus and multiple-target areas)
Radio Romania International (one hr daily English)
R. Netherlands (one hr daily Dutch)
KJES New Mexico (one hr daily)
NHK (one hr Japanese, 30 mins English)
R. Damascus (one hr daily English)
WHRI (one hr daily)
CRI (four hours daily English, three hrs Chinese)
RNZI - various services to Aus/Pacific
Radio Australia - 24 hrs - to mulitiple target areas
Voice of Malaysia/V. of Islam (eight hours daily, English, Malay, Chinese)
R. Thailand (two hrs daily English)
Vatican Radio (complex schedule, multi-target non-daily services in English
and Latin include Australia)

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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