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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


To all,

The weekly Prop Reports published at the ARRL website can be quite out of

There are daily reports issued by the IPS in Sydney, which provide a much
more realistic indication of current solar activity and forecasts up to
three days ahead.

The latest report, of November 1 advises that solar activity is "low", with
the 10.7 cm Solar Flux at 139. and the daily Smoothed Sunspot Number at 93.

Forecasts for Nov 2-4 are:

Flux 145-150
SSN 99-105

Go to

The ARRL info is mainly an historical summary, with details about short-term
peaks of Flux and SSN, which can fluctuate widely from day to day.

Here in Melbourne, multi-hop long-distance HF propagation on frequencies
above about 13 MHz on transmission paths following darkness or semi-darkness
paths continues to be extremely unreliable.

As a matter of interest, the 21 MHz band is very lively here in Melbourne,
for transmission paths following daylight routes such as on Nov 2 2011
(applicable mainly to transmissions originating in Asia and the Middle East)

21510 IRAN VOIRI Swahili 0820
21540 MARIANAS IBB Tinian Chinese 0500-0530
21570 PHILIPPINES IBB Tinang Chinese 0500-0530
21580 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French 0940
21600 IRAN VOIRI, HUGE SIGNAL Russian 0500-0530
21715 THAILAND IBB-Udorn 0800-0830
21725 AUSTRALIA RA-Shepparton groundwave into here 0200-0500
21805 RUSSIA VOA-Novosibirsk English 0800-0830 MASSIVE SIGNAL

Transmission providers have taken a big punt on the use of this band for
shorter-haul daylight routes!

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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