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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Excellent propagation on 15, 17, and 21 MHz in our sunrise window

Solar activity at this point in Sunspot Cycle 24, whilst low, is hovering
around 145 for the 10.7 cm solar flux, and daily SSNs are about 100.

For the first time this cycle, I am experiencing multi-hop, long-haul
propagation on 15 MHz, and above, over darkness or semi-darkness paths into
Melbourne, in our sunrise period.

This is a sumamry of band occupancy observed on December 10, 2011, in the
period 1900 to 2100 (unless stated to the contrtary):

15105 ASCENSION BBC Hausa to 2000*
15110 SPAIN REE Spanish
15125 COSTA RICA REE Spanish
15140 OMAN BBC Arabic
15190 PHILIPPINES PBS Tinang English/Tagalog to 1930*
15195 ASCENSION WYFR English *2000
15225 N. ANTILLES VOA Bonaire French
15240 S. AFRICA TWR Meyerton Fulfulde to 1930*
15290 CUBA R. Nac Venezuela via Havana Spanish
15305 CANADA RCI Sackville Portuguese to 2030*
15330 USA R. Marti Greenville Spanish to 2000*
15345 ARGENTINA RAE French 2000
15350 MOROCCO RTM Nador Arabic (hovering around 15349)
15365 CANADA RCI Sackville French 1900
15385 USA KJES NM English, targeted to E. Australia
15400 ASCENSION BBC English
15420 USA WBCQ English
15450 IRAN VOIRI English *1930-2030*
15480 S. AFRICA AWR Meyerton Arabic to 2000*
15520 ASCENSION WYFR English
15540 KUWAIT R. Kuwait English
15580 N. ANTILLES VOA Bonaire English
15610 USA WEWN English
15620 SAO TOME VOA French *2000
15650 GREECE VOG Greek
15720 NZ RNZI

17550 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Arabic
17625 EGYPT R. Cairo Fulfulde to *2000
17650 MADAGASCAR NHK Talata French *2000
17660 ASCENSION WYFR French 1900-1930*
17680 CHILE CVC Santiago English 2000
17695 ZAMBIA CVC English to 2000*
17755 SPAIN REE Spanish
17790 CANADA RCI Sackville French
17885 ASCENSION BBC Hausa to 2000*

21690 F. GUYANA RFI-Montsinery French 1940

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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