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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vatican Radio

There appears to be some confusion about the HF broadcasts from
Vatican Radio!

As of July 1 2012, the following changes took place:

Languages cancelled - Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Esperanto,
German, Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian (except
Liturgy), Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish
All European transmissions cancelled in English, French, Italian (except
Liturgy), Spanish and Portuguese

Morning transmissions to Europe cancelled - Belarussian, Russian, Ukrainian.

This is then current schedule for English:

0140-0200 daily SoAS 9580SMG 11730TAC
0250-0320 daily NoCeAM 7305SAC 9610SAC till July 31
0300-0330 daily SoAS 15460PUG
0300-0330 daily CeAF 7360MDC
0500-0530 daily EaSoAF 11625MDC 13765MDC
0630-0645 Mon-Sat NE/ME 15595SMG
0630-0700 daily NoWeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG
1200-1215 Mon-Sat CeAM 13730SAC till July 31
1530-1550 Sun-Fri SoAS 11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC
1530-1600 Sat SoAS 11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC
1615-1630 daily NE/ME 15595SMG
1730-1800 daily EaCeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG 15570SMG
1945-2030 daily NoAM 9800SAC DRM till July 31
2000-2030 daily WeCeAF 9755SMG 11625SMG

Hope this helps!

Bob Padula

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