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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good HF propagatioin into Melboune

Currently, there's plenty of HF activity observed here in Melbourne, especially during our mid-afternoon period on 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 9 MHz, and 11 MHz, marked by strong long-path signals from Europe, Africa and the Middle

East. Brazilian signals are also good, on 11 MHz and 9 MHz, propagating over the Antarctic route, arriving here from the south. Strong propagation also from North and Central Americas, short path.

Despite the disappearance of many HF broadcasters, spectrum occupancy remains high in the window 0500-0600.

The following summary of key occupancies was made on September 18 2012 between 0500 and 0600 in the Warrandyte State Park, 15 km east of central Melbourne, on the banks of the famous Yarra River, at the Pound Bend picnic area. The only interference was from screeching Cockatoos and Galahs!

5965 COSTA RICA REE Spanish
6050 CUBA RHC English
6055 SPAIN REE Spanish

7250 VATICAN VR Latin Mass
7225 AUSTRIA TWR-Europe, huge signal *0545 Polish
7275 TUNISIA Arabic
7325 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton Arabic

9440 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton Hausa *0530
9470 RWANDA DW-Kigali English
9480 GERMANY RFE-Lampertheim Russian
9515 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Arabic
9580 GABON Africa #1 Moyabi French
9590 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Albanian
9595 JAPAN R. Nikkei, Japanese, at fade-in 0545
9610 G GERMANY Hamada R. International, Wertachtal, Hausa
9630 COSTA RICA REE Spanish
9635 LITHUANIA R L-Sitkuani, Tatar/Bashkir
9675 S. ARABIA BSKSA Arabic
9760 GERMANY R. Farda, Lampertheim, Farsi

11605 S. AFRICA RFI-Meyerton French
11730 FRANCE NHK-Issoudin French *0530
11750 TURKEY VOT Turkish *0600
11765 BRAZIL
11775 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Arabic
11780 BRAZIL
11850 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Russian
11890 SPAIN REE Spanish
11930 BELARUS R. Belarus, National Network
11955 TURKEY VOT Turkish

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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