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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monitoring from Warrandyte State Park

I went over to the Park yesterday to check out some early-afternoon propagation patterns in the 0400-0500 window.

This was at the Jumping Creek Picnic Ground, next to the Yarra.

|Long-haul multi-hop propagation below about 11 MHz was affected by unusually high absorption on long path routes from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and short path signals from the Americas were similarly degraded.

However, above 15 MHz, short path (daylight) propagation from Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia was rather good.

This is the summary made on October 16 2012 0400 to 0500 at Warrandyte, with many channels for Iran noted!

9610 IRAN Arabic
11660 IRAN Arabic
11670 IRAN Azeri
11680 CUBA RHC Spanish
11875 IRAN Arabic
11940 IRAN Dari
13650 IRAN English
13740 IRAN Hindi
13750 IRAN Swahili
15285 S. ARABIA Arabic
15295 THAILAND VOA-Udorn Tibetan (now on this frequency which was formerly that used by the defunct V. of Malaysia)
15340 IRAN Swahili
15345 THAILAND VOA-Udon Tibetan
15365 OMAN BBC English
15400 MADAGASCAR R, Tamazuj via Talata Sudanese
15425 CHINA CRI-Xian Russian
15605 PHILIPPINES VOA-Tinang, Chinese
15690 SRI LANKA R. Farda, Iranawila, Farsi
15700 UAE R. Damal, Dhabbaya, Somali
15760 TAJIKISTAN VOR-Dushanbe, English
15770 INDIA Farsi

17675 NEW ZEALAND RNZI DRM service blocking everything from 17660 to 17690. This is now obsolete technology!

- a note about Radio Australia schedules – the so-called definitive current A12 schedule being circulated via newsgroups is pure drivel, containing many inaccuracies and omissions and should be ignored. Somebody has got hold of the Radio Australia internal engineering line-feed network data, thinking this to be actual transmitter usage, which is nothing of the sort. I would seriously question why Radio Australia or its transmission provider Broadcast Australia would release this sort of internal engineering information to hobby groups.

Radio Australia operations from Australian transmitter sites are not shown in the public HFCC schedule, but frequency usage for some offshore relays (except Taiwan) is in fact given, which is coordinated by the Babcock transmission provider.

Voice of America -
transmissions in Tibetan are heavily jammed by the Chinese. In order to escape the jammers, some services from Udon (Thailand) use a different frequency each day, such as the midday 0300-0400 broadcast:

15470 Su
15485 Mo
15130 Tu
15135 We
15320 Th
15410 Fr
15430 Sa

Frequency usage for VOA’s Tibetan transmissions from Tinang are not subject to daily variation.

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