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Friday, December 28, 2012

17th anniversary of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association

To commemorate the 17th birthday of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association (EDXP) on January 4, 2013, special QSLs are now being issued forall correct reception reports received up to the end of 2013  for the "RadioEDXP" programs hosted by various international shortwave broadcasters,titled "The Australian DX Report".

The full colour QSLs show Australian scenes and wildlife, and indicate the actual transmitter location and the name of the host broadcaster.

The Australian DX Report Radio is the EDXP's long-time broadcasting service,offering news, reports and schedule updates about world SW broadcasting,propagation, and monitoring.

Host broadcasters include:

Worldwide Christian Radio (WWCR
) - Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Every week, on Saturdays at 1700-1715 (12160),  and on Mondays at 1245-1300 (15825)

Adventist World Radio
worldwide network, every month, during the "Wavescan" program. This may be heard over transmitters in Guam, Germany, Sri Lanka,USA (WRMI Miami, and WINB Red Lion).

Please refer to the Websites of the host broadcasters for actual times and

QSL Reports must include sufficient details for validation purposes, and
indicate the date (UTC), time (UTC), frequency, quality of reception, and
interference effects, and should be sent to: Radio EDXP, 404 Mont Albert
Road, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia. Return postage is mandatory -
AU$2 in mint Australian stamps (for Australian addresses), US$2 elsewhere,
or AU/US$2 via PayPal.

: Radio EDXP electronic QSLs are also available and reports may be
submitted either by Email, to  or via the on-line
Reception Report Template at  (No payment needed!)
E-QSLs are "picked up" at a special Website notified by EDXP.

A longer version of the Australian DX Report, with music, is also available
via the Internet, with a new episode produced each week, and may be
accessed at the EDXP's Australian Internet Radio Service, at
It's also accessible via an embedded player at our Facebook page "World

The Internet version may also be heard through:
DXing with Cumbre (with Marie Lamb)
Shortwave Pirate (Free Radio)
LowSWR Amateur Radio Podcast
South Herts Radio

The EDXP Home Page,  has an embedded player which links directly to the main site.

The EDXP is a contributor to the World Radio and TV Handbook.

Full details are at
Good listening to Radio EDXP, and your reception reports would be appreciated!

The first edition of the ELECTRONIC DX PRESS was issued on January 4, 1996,
compiled by myself and current EDXP member Mick Ogrizek.

Bob Padula
EDXP Manager

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