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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunrise propagation!

Here in Melbourne, the sun rises quite early lately, with first light today at 5.27 am, and sunrise at 6.02 am. That translates into 1827 and 1902 UTC! 
Some interesting propagation noted this morning, with long path signals from the Americas on 25 mb appearing as early as 1800.
60 mb also quite active, with Tibetan outlets observed until their sign-off between 1800 and 1810.
Here are some entries about these important events:
4880 S. AFRICA SW Radio Africa, Meyerton, English and local langs 1805
4905 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang, Urumqi, Tibetan network to 1810*
4920 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang, Urumqi, Tibetan network to 1810*
4950 ANGOLA R. National 1815 Portuguese
4980 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang, Urumqi, Uyghur network to 1800*
USA long path 1800:
12050 WEWN Spanish
12105 WTWW Arabic
12160 WWCR  English
India 25 mb 1815
11580 English
11670 English
11710 Arabic
11935 English
12025 Malayalam to 1830*

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