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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monitoring at Warrandyte State Park

This is a summary of selected entries discovered at one of my favourite field monitoring sites in the Warrandyte State Park, on March 17 2013, in the window 0400-0530.
Plenty of signals on 9 MHz, 11 MHz, and 13 MHz, together with some incursions on the 6 MHz and 7 MHz bands
I was somewhat disappointed that my short antenna which I had put up in a tree had disappeared. It, and the tree, were a charred mass – destroyed by the recent fuel-reduction activities of DSE and Parks Victoria. So I was forced to toss up another antenna of about 3 m length into another tree!
Long-path from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East dominated, with short path from Brazil. Many Iran channels!
Eton E5.
7235   ETHIOPIA R.  Ethiopia, local langs
7285   RWANDA DW-Kigali English
9470   R WANDA DW-Kigali English
9500   IRAN Arabic to 0430*
9505   SUDAN V. of Sudan, Arabic
9579   MOROCCO R.  Medi, Arabic
9610   IRAN Kurdish  *0430
9695   CYPRUS BBC Persian
9740   IRAN Arabic
9755   IRAN Arabic
9765   ARMENIA VOR-Yerevan Spanish
9800   RWANDA DW-Kigali English
9815   CYPRUS BBC Somali to 0430*
9820   BRAZIL
9840   RUSSIA VOR-Moscow Russian
9895   IRAN Arabic
11670 INDIA Persian
11730 N. KOREA Spanish
11770 IRAN English
11765 BRAZIL
11780 BRAZIL
11860 IRAN Dari
11895 RUSSIA Tatarstan Radio via Samara, *0410 Tatarstan
13680 IRAN Swahili
6145 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
6195 USA NHK-WHRI Spanish
7210 ETHIOPIA R.  Farna, local langs
7220 ROMANIA Romanian
7270 IRAN Turkish
7475 GREECE Greek
9820 TURKEY VOT Turkish

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