Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The EDXP's Australian DX Report is heard every week over a variety of SW broadcasters, and is also available as a Podcast or MP3  over the Australian Internet Radio Service.
Each episode runs to 15 mins, and includes the latest solar activity report, propagation summary, reception notes, and broadcasting news. Music is included for  the Internet version.
It seems that  people are indeed  listening! The Podcast version attracts many  visitors – in the past 30 days there have been 148,196 feed hits, 8166 site visitors, and 627 episode hits.
Full-detailed QSLs are offered for the versions broadcast on SW, either postal-mailed, or as E-QSLs on-line.
QSLs have been issued recently to:
Lasas Skooglund, Seden – Wavescan – Trincomalee
Andreas Lobnow, Germany – Wavescan - KSDA – Trincomalee
Lee Silvi, USA - DXing with Cumbre – WHRI
Byron Hicks, USA – WWCR
Hiroyuki Akiba, Japan – Wavescan - KSDA - Guam
Alexander Golevikhin, Russia – WWCR
Jose Jacob, Indiua – KSDA – Wavescan - Trincomalee
Sandro Blatter, Switzerland – DXing with Cumbre – WHRI
Akbar Gunawaran, Indonesia – Wavescan – WINB
Klaus Kohler, Austria – Wavescan – Trincomalee
Avinash Cheekoth, UAE – Wavescan – KSDA – Guam
Paul Richardson, USA – WWCR
An E-QSL Reporting Template is at
The Podcasts may be accessed at

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