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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monitoring Research - Dec 3 2013

Good sigs on 15 MHz, 17 MHz, and 13 MHz in the Melbourne pre-sunrise period window on Dec 3 2013.

This summary is a selected sequence of entries monitored in the 1700 to 1730 window, including Radio Mara from the Madagascar relay and Radio Africa from WRMI.

15140 OMAN R,. Oman Arabic
15205 S. ARABIA Arabic
15225 S. ARABIA Arabic
15235 S. AFRICA Channel Africa Meyerton English
15245 BULGARIA Voice of Forum, Kostinbrod, Tigrinya
15275 RWANDA DW-Kigali French
15335 FRANCE BVB-Issoudin African langs
15420 USA WBCQ English
15435 S. ARABIA Arabic
15455 SAO TOME VOA African langs
15540 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Urdu
15570 VATICAN VR-SMG various langs
15580 VATICAN VOA-SMG English
15610 USA WEWN English
15620 SAO TOME VOA African langs
15690 FRANCE RTI-Issoudin English
15825 USA WWCR English

17540 MADAGASCAR R. Mara via Talata African langs to 1700*
17560 S. ARABIA Arabic
17655 USA VOA-G Portuguese
17670 INDIA Hindi
17715 SPAIN Spanish
17755 SPAIN Spanish
17780 ASCENSION BBC English
17790 USA Radio Africa via WRMI, English religious programming. This freq replaces the originally planned 21525 and audible to close down at 2000
17800 RWANDA DW-Kigali French
17830 ASCENSION BBC English
17840 EGYPT Swahili
17895 VATICAN VOA-SMG English

21630 USA WHRI English

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