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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monitoring Research - 11 MHz and 13 MHz

Good propagation in the 1800 to 1830 window, 0400 to 0430 here in Melbourne, on August 9 2014. This is the summary of monitoring of the 11 MHz and 13 MHz bands.
Of particular note:
1. The relatively small presence of English transmissions
2.  The increasing use of off-shore relays by many broadcasters
11510 FRANCE R. Dengye, Issoudin, Kurdish
11625 VATICAN VR-SMG Portuguese
11635 N. KOREA VOK French
11660 CHINA CRI Chinese
11670 INDIA English
11695 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick French
11710 INDIA English
11750 SRI Lanka SLBC-Trincomalee Sinhala
11760 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Russian
11775 CHINA CRI-Kashi  German
11795 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin Russian
11810 ASCENSION  BBC English
11820 S. ARABIA Arabic
11835 TURKEY German
11845 VATICAN R. Darfur via SMG
11855 GERMANY BVB Nauen Persian
11895 CHINA CRI-Xian Chauzhou
11905 KUWAIT VOA Amharic
11915 S. ARABIA Arabic
11930 BELARUS German
11945 FRANCE NHK-Issoudin Japanese
11955 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn Arabic
11975 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
11985 IRAN Albanian *1820
11995 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French
12005 FRANCE VOA-Issoudin Amharic
12015 N. KOREA VOK German
12025 INDIA Malayalam
12120 PHILS R. Filipinos Tinang English
13620 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin Russian
13640 INDIA English
13660 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton English
13695 INDIA English
13740 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French
13760 N. KOREA VOK French
13765 VATICAN VR-SMG Portuguese
13820 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudin Arabic
13870 GERMANY VOA-Nauen Amharic

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