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Monday, September 1, 2014

Monitoring Research - 7 MHz spectrum

As predicted, Spring arrived here in Melbourne this morning!
Study of the 7 MHz spectrum in our pre-sunrise period revealed the significant reduction of broadcasting in this band, due to the steady migration to FM and on-line services.
This trend will continue, for shortwave broadcasting as a whole.
This is a summary of notable occupancies in the window UT window 1800 to 1830 on August 1, 2014.
7205 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Russian
7210 N. KOREA French
7225 S. AFRICA BBC-Meyerton Somali
7250 INDIA Malayalam to 1830*
7255 NIGERIA V. of Nigeria English
7275 SPAIN Spanish
7280 VIETNAM German
7280 ROMANIA European Gospel Radio via Saftica English
7300 ROMANIA RRI German
7315 CHINA CRI-Kunming Chinese
7340 CHINA CRI-Kashi Italian
7350 IRAN Russian to 1850*
7375 OMAN BBC English
7385 CHINA Xizang PBS, Lhasa Tibetan to 1805*
7395 CHINA CRI-Kashi German
7415 CHINA CRI-Beijing Persian
7425 THAILAND BBC-Udon Dari
7435 CHINA CRI-Jinhua Italian
7445 MADAGASCAR BBC-Talata English
7480 MOLDOVA R. Bahai Kishinev Persian

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