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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The number of frequencies currently in use by China Radio International in the 6 and 7 MHz spectrum remains high, as  compared with other broadcasters.
This summary shows observed occupancies, for CRI  in those bands on May 19, 2015, in the time spans 1900 to 1930, and 2000 to 2030, as noted here in Melbourne.
1900-1930 [9 MHz]
9440 English, Kunming
9480 French, Cerrick (Albania)
9525 Russian, Beijing
9535 Portuguese, Baojing
9560 Hungarian, Urumqi
9645 French, Kunming
9655 Turkish, Kunming
9765 Portuguese, Beijing
2000-2030 [7 MHz]
7215 Albanian, Cerrick
7245 Chinese, Kashi
7255 Russian, Baoji
7285 English, Cerrick
7295 English, Cerrick
7365 Polish, Urumqi
7325 Serbian, Urumqi
7350 French, Urumqi
7390 Serbian, Xian
7405 Chinese, Xian
7415 English, Kashi
7490 Chinese, Beijing
2000-2030 Non CRI:
Xizang Peoples Broadcasting Station (Lhasa) 7450 and 7290, Chinese
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This email has been protected by YAC (Yet Another Cleaner)

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