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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Did you know that Australia is a BIG COUNTRY? HF reception conditions vary significantly across our "Land of Sweeping Plains", even within the same city or town!
Here in suburban Melbourne, propagation continues to be excellent on those bands which are "open", consistent with prevailing ionospheric conditions.
The pre-sunrise window is good, with solid signals from 90 through to 22 metres. The 49, 41, 31, 25 and 22 mbs are dominated by darkness-mode transmissions from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
This is a summary of key occupancies found on Sep 1 2015 in the window  1830 to 1900.
11600 MOLDOVA R. Denge Kurdistane, Kishinev, Kurdish
11625 ROMANIA RRI Spanish from *1859
11660 ARMENIA BBC-Yerevan, Kirundi
11730 BELARUS R. Minsk, domestic
11855 GERMANY BVB-Nauen Persian
11865 VATICAN VOA-SMG Kirundi
11945 FRANCE NHK –Issoudun Japanese
11955 AUSTRIA  AWR-Moosbrunn Arabic
11975 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
11985 IRAN English
12015 N. KOREA VOK German
12040 KUWAIT VOA Amharic
12080 ENGLAND VOA-Woofferton Amharic
12120 PHILS PBS-Tinang Tagalog
12140 THAILAND VOA-Udorn Amharic
Of technical interest –
* VOA's Amharic service from Woofferton, Thailand and Kuwait, pushing in from the east and north
* Kirundi services from VOA-Vatican (SMG) and BBC-Yerevan simultaneously
* Time-shifted (30 mins) transmissions of VOK resulting from the introduction of new local times there
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This email has been protected by YAC (Yet Another Cleaner)

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