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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This summarizes notable frequency occupancies in the time-span 1715 to 1730 on March 24 2016, from Melbourne.
9355 THAILAND Deewa Radio, Udon, Pashto
9370 THAILAND Deewa Radio, Udon, Pashto
9400 FRANCE R. Denge Kurdistane, Issoudun Kurdish
9540 UAE IBRA-Dhabbaya Oromo
9585 E NGLAND RL-Woofferton Russian
9630 CHINA CNR17 Kazakh
9655 USA KNLS Chinese
9775 THAILAND R. Ashna, Udon Pashto
9850 IRAN  Bosnian at *1720

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1 comment:

  1. ABC Radio Australia had a very good signal on 12.065 mhz at 17:25 h UTC on 15-03-2016 here in Gent , East Flanders - Belgium Singal was 7-9 with some slige QSB but very good modulation. Reveiver is a Icom IC R8500 and the Ant is a home made dipole for 6.5 mhz at about 2 or 3 above ground at NE-ZW. The same signal on 15.4xx did lost the rest sorry was much weaker a alot of QSB and QRM.

    73 Herman