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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Monitoring Research on 9 MHz and 11 MHz

This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies monitored on February 20, 2018, across the time span 0330 to 0400. This reception was at the Dandenong Police Paddocks Recreation Reserve, off Brady Rd, Dandenong North, on the former site of the 1964-65 National Australian Scout Jamboree. The photo shows the site.
Receiver was the Eton E5, with a short random antenna  tied to a fence post.
9490 FRANCE R. Republica, Issoudin Spanish
9715 S. ARABIA Arabic
9740 ROMANIA RRI Spanish
9865 INDIA National Network
11560 INDIA Dari
11610 CHINA CNR2
11660 CHINA CNR2
11665 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang domestic
11670 CHINA CNR2
11680 N. KOREA KCBS Korean
11690 CHINA CNR2
11745 S. ARABIA R. Azm, Arabic
11750 UAE VOA-Dhabbaya Somali
11760 CHINA CNR1
11790 JAPAN NHK-Yamata Japanese
11800 CHINA CNR2
11800 ROMANIA RRI Spanish (co-channel China)
11810 KOREA REP KBS-KImjae Korean
11825 MADAGASCAR KNLS English (from *0400)
11835 CHINA  CNR2
11860 S. ARABIA Yemen R, Arabic
11905 CHINA CNR6 Amoy
11935 CHINA CNR5 Chinese
11945 MADAGASCAR BBC-Talata Somali (from *0400)
11960 CHINA CNR1
11980 KUWAIT RFA Chinese
12045 CHINA CNR1
12090 CHINA CNR2
12140 THAILAND R. Azadi, Udon Dari

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