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Monday, May 7, 2018

Monitoring Research - 6, 7, 9, 11 MHz

Solar activity is again zero, with no spots visible on the earth-facing side of the sun.
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies across the time span 1930 to 2000 on May 6 2018, pre-sunrise here in Melbourne.
6010 JAPAN NHK Yamata Japanese
7425 IRAN Arabic
9515 GERMANY Pan American Broadcasting, Nauen English
9545 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton Hausa
9690 NIGERIA VON Hausa
9800 IRAN English
9810 IRAN English
9760 GERMANY AWR-Nauen French
9780 GERMANY AWR-Nauen French
11615 TURKEY French
11800 GERMANY AWR-Nauen Hausa
11975 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
11985 FRANCE RTA-Issoudun Arabic
CHINA – CRI 9440 (Kunming) and 9600 (Kashi) carrying English at 2000 – 9600 is about two seconds behind 9445.

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