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Rotating Headlines from this Journal!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Monitoring Notes from Melbourne

Daytime propagation is now very good during our mid-afternoon period, with all continents represented on the 6, 7, 9 and 11 MHz spectrum. Many long-path signals from Europe, Africa, and ME audiblde
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies across the time span 0445 to 0515 on May 20,2020.
7295 VATICAN CDE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
7345 VATICAN BBC-SMG English
7570 USA TOM viaWRMI English
9330 USA WBCQ English
9370 GERMANY R/ Farda, Lampertheim, Persian
9385 USA  WEWN English,lish
9490 FRANCE R. Republica, Issoudin Spanish
9545 SOLOMON ISLES,local
9620 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French
9655 FRANCE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
9770 TURKEY Turkish
9790 ROMANIA RRI French
9900  IRAN Arabic
5935 USA University Network via WWCR English
5970 USA WEWN Spanish
5985 USA WRMI English '6015
6015 ROMANIA RRI French
6060 CUBA RHC Spanish
6100 CUBA RHC English
6125 FRANCE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
6145 CUBA RHC English
6155 AUSTRIA ORF-Moosbrunn German
9630 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn Hausa
9825 USA WHRI English
11530 FRANCE V. of Welt, Issoudin, Kurdish
12095 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya, Arabic

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

HF reception notes - Westerfolds Park

I went over to Westerfolds' Park, in Templestowe, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne, for COVID-19 exercises on May 4, 2020.
This is a summary of selected high frequency occupancy from the Porter St picnic ground across the time span 0430 to 0445, using the small Eton E5 radio and two metres of antenna in a tree!
Excellent long-path propagation from Europe, Africa and the Middle East during an early autumn afternoon!
5975 AUSTRIA NHK-Moosbrunn  English
6165 GERMANY NHK-Nauen Russian
6180 ROMANIA Romanian
7245 MADAGASCAR NHK-Talata English
7315 VATICAN R. Dabanga via SMG, Sudanese
7325 ROMANIA Romanian
7340  VATICAN Eye Radio, via SMG Sudanese
9330 USA WBCQ English
9370 GERMANY R. Farda- Lampertheim Persian
9410 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya Arabic
9490 FRANCE R. Republica, Issoudin Spanish
9545 SOLOMON ISLES national
9655 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin Swahili
11570 ARMENIA Iran TV channel via Yerevan, Arabic
11650 MADAGASCAR R, Dabanga, Talata,Sudanese
11680 ZAMBIA VOH English
11745 S. ARABIA Arabia
11825 MADAGASCAR WCR English
11860 S. ARABIA Arabia
12095 OMAN BBC English
12130 KUWAIT R. Mashaal Pashto
13740 IRAN Hebrew
13750 KUWAIT RFA Chinese
13760 KOREA N. VOK English
13870 TAIWAN SOH Chinese
21505 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Island Chinese

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

HF Propagation Research

Tibet | History, Map, Capital, Population, Language, & Facts ...
Due to the Coronavirus shutdown, power line interference has dropped to a very low level, due to the closure of many local industries. The HF noise floor has reduced substantially – reception here in Melbourne is now similar to what we had experienced back in the 1940s!
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancy in our post sunrise period on April 14 2020 across the window 2045 to 2100, on 6, 9 and 7 MHz.
5930 FRANCE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
5940 FRANCE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
6015 ENGLAND WBCQ via Woofferton Arabic
6025 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang Lhasa Tibetan *2050
6060 USA WRMI English from 2100 (long path)
6170 ROMANIA RRI English
6200 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang Lhasa Korean *2050
7285 CHINA CRI-B English
7300 ENGLAND R. Akhbar via Woofferton Arabic *2100
7370 IRAN Spanish
7530 UZBEKISTAN V. of Martyrs, Tashkent Korean
7590 UZBEKISTAN N. Korea Reform Radio, Tashkent Korean
9465 GUAM KSDA Korean *2100
9535 CUBA RHC Spanish (long path)
9640 CUBA RHC Spanish (long path)
9740 ENGLAND VOA-Woofferton French

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Monitoring Notes

Short Wave Craft Magazine Articles - RF Cafe
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies across three time windows: 0515 to 0530, 0630 to 0645 and 1900 to 1930, on April 10, 2020.
9630 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn Hausa
9735 GERMANY$MANY BVB-Nauen Arabic
9770 TURKEY Turkish
6100 CUBA RHC English
7255 NIGERIA Hausa
9620 FRANCE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
9740 ROMANIA Arabic
9790 ROMANIA French
9830 SAO TOME DW Hausa
7235 IRAN Albanian
7290 ROMANIA IRRS-Nexus, TIganesti English
7305 OMAN BBC Oromo
7360 VATICAN VR-SMG English (Special Easter transmission)
7365 THAILAND VOA-Udon Korean
7485 PHLS VOA-Tinang Korean
9360 KUWAIT RFA Chinese
9450 VATICAN VR-SMG English (Special Easter transmission)
9535 CHINA CRI-Baoji Russian
9610 ROMANIA Spanish
9620 VATICAN VR-SMG English (Special Easter transmission)
9705 VATICAN VR-SMG English (Special Easter transmission)
9800 ENGLAND WBCQ-Woofferton Arabic
9920 THAILAND R. Thailand, Udon English
Note: The Special English Easter Transmission from Vatican Radio was available also via its YouTube feeds, live audio and streaming video.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Monitoring Research

Why Your Son Should Learn Radio - A Talk with "Dad", April 1935 ...
The new International transmission season A20 is underway.
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies across the time period 1750 to 2130, 4.50 am to 8.30 am here in Melbourne, on April 1, 2020!
5910 ROMANIA RRI Serbian
6060 CHINA  CRU-Kun ming English
6175 CHIBA CR I-Nanning English
7265 MADAGASCAR BBC -Talata English
7355 SINGAPORE BBC-Kranji Korean
9570 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
9750 CHINA CRI-Beijing Esperanto
9770 CHINA CRI-Xian Cantonese
9880 CHINA CRI-Nanning English
Shortwave Instagram posts -
9480 CHINA CRI-Xian French
9775 ENGLAND N. Nparason International, Woofferton, Kanuri
9820 ENGLAND KBS-Woofferton Russian
9920 ENGLAND KBS- Woofferton Russian
$5.00 For Best Short Wave Kink, January 1935 Short Wave Craft - RF ...
9510 FRANCE RTA-Issoudin Arabic
9610 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn Dyula
9760 GERMANY AWR-Nauen French
9800 ENGLAND WBCQ  via Woofferton relay, Arabic
9920 THAILAND R. Thailand, Udon German

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Propagation Research - 0300 to 0345

Solar activity remains very low, resulting in unreliable long-haul propagation on darkness or semi-darkness paths on frequencies above about 11 MHz.
This is is a summary of notable frequency occupancies in the window 0300-0345 on March 2020 from the Westerfolds' Park, in Melbourne's outer east, using the Eton E5 receiver with two metres of antenna in a prickly tree! Transmissions from China proliferated, only some are included here.
9545 SOLOMON ISLES domestic
9550 IRAN Russian
9635 VIETNAM domestic
9740 ROMANIA Spanish
11580 TAIWAN SOH Chinese
11700 CHINA CRI-Kashi Hindi
11745 S. ARABIA Arabic
11810 S. KOREA KBS Korean
11860 S, ARABIA Arabic
11905 CHINA CNR6 Amoy
11935 CHINA CNR6 Amoy
11950 CHINA Xizang PBS Chinese
11980 TAJIKISTAN RFA-Dushanbe Chinese
12045 CHINA CNR1
12080 CHINA CNR2
13530 TAIWAN SOH Chinese
13650 N. KOREA VOK Chinese
13730 CHINA CRI-Kashi Tamil
13750 THAILAND R. Thailand, Udon Thai to 0330*
13760 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
13775 TAIWAN SOH Chinese
15160 CHINA CRI-Jinhua Chinese
15170 S. Arabic Arabia
15180 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
15320 TAIWAN RTI English
15340 MARIANAS RFA-Agignan Pt, Chinese
21 600 PHLS VOA-Tinang Tibetan