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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good daytime propagation from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Sunspot activity remains at ZER0, with no spots observed since November 18!

But we all know that sunspots represent only one factor influencing radio propagation - there are many others caused by combinations of geophysical/solar activity! We do know that, don't we? !!

Sunspot Cycle 23 has decayed, and it appears that the new Cycle, no. 24, is approaching. Watch out for it!

In North America, there have been interesting reports of daytime trans-Atlantic propagation from the East Coast in the 30 metre amateur band, associated with quiet geomagnetic conditions.

Here in Melbourne, good propagation right around the clock is currentlyobserved, and I have been impressed at the daytime signals from Africa and Asia, which have become audible in the period 0200-0500 on 6, 7, and 9 MHz.
I expect these Daytime Modes to intensify as our summer progresses.

A new outlet for the TAJIK RADIO, at Dushanbe, has been audible since the B08 season started. This is 4765, with good night-time propagation into Melbourne in the period 1700 to sign-off at 2000.

Another new channel is from CHRISTIAN VISION, 7160, Zambia, noted from sign-on at 0300.

Here's a summary of DAYTIME MODES from Africa/Middle East/Asia, as noted on December 6 from my favourite field monitoring site in the Olinda Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park, about 40 mins drive from here. Asterisks refer to sign-on or sign-off times. LP = longpath.


6005 ASCENSION BBC *0300 huge signal! English
6080 SAO TOME VOA *0300 English
7160 ZAMBIA CVC Lusaka *0400 English

7215 S. AFRICA TWR Meyerton, *0330-0345* African langs
7205 ASCENSION BBC *0400
7230 S.AFRICA Channel Africa Meyerton *0400 English
7255 ASCENSION BBC *0300
7390 S. AFRICA Channel Afria Meyerton *0300 English
9425 INDIA AIR 0500-0530* domestic

9595 JAPAN R. Nikkei Tokyo 0350 Japanese
9650 S. AFRICA BBC Meyerton *0400 English
9745 S. AFRICA Channel Africa Meyerton, super signal 0400 French
9755 RWANDA DW Kigali *0430 Arabic
9760 JAPAN R. Nikkei Tokyo 0350 Japanese
9820 RWANDA DW Kigali 0400 Arabic
9835 INDIA AIR 0330 Dari to 0345*
9850 VIETNAM VOV Hanoi *0400 domestic
9865 IRAN VOIRI 0410 Azeri
9870 INDIA AIR to 0435* domestic
9875 VIETNAM VOV Hanoi *0400 domestic

6120 GERMANY RL Wertachtal 0405 Belarussian LP

6190 CANADA CRI Sackville *0400 English
7350 VATICAN V. of Russia 0410 English big signal LP
7375 GERMANY Croatian Radio Wertachtal 0345 English LP
7440 UKRAINE R. Uk International 0400 English LP
9635 ROMANIA RRI 0335 Spanish LP

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Regards from Melbourne!

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