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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Excellent winter propagation in the snow, Mt Donna Buang!

On Monday June 15 2009 I went up to the summit of Mt Donna Buang, 1240 m above sea level, 80 km east of Melbourne.

It was a sunny day, and about 20 cm of snow on the peak!

The views of the surrounding valleys and mountains were glorious – temperature at 1 pm was a warmish 6 degrees! The snow-covered icy road was closed about 500 m from the summit, meaning a careful hike up to the top.

I had the Eton E5 receiver with me, and checked out propagation in the 0300-0400 span, using a 10 m random antenna tossed into a snow covered tree. That’s 1 pm to 2 pm here, almost mid winter!

Excellent signals on 6, 7, and 9 MHz from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas – no powerline noise at all, as there are no power lines there!

49 mb between 0300 and 0400

5810 USA WEWN, Spanish
5875 BBC-Rampisham, Russian
5890 USA WWCR, English
5905 ENGLAND BBC-Skelton, Arabic
5925 GERMANY RFE-Lampertheim, Russian
5950 USA RTI-Okeechobee, English
5960 CANADA NHK-Sackville, Japanese
5995 GERMANY R. Darfur, political broadcast, Arabic
6005 ASCENSION BBC English
6020 ALBANIA CRI, Cerrick, English
6040 CANADA Vatican Radio via Sackville, French to 0357*
6055 SPAIN REE, Spanish
6065 GERMANY AWR-Wertachtal, African languages
6080 SAO TOME VOA, English
6100 BULGARIA R. Bulgaria, Russian
6105 GERMANY RFE-Lampertheim, Russian
6125 SPAIN ERR, Spanish
6150 ROMANIA RRI, English
6165 N. ANTILLES RN, Bonaire, Spanish
6175 CANADA VOV, Sackville, Spanish
6180 RWANDA DW-Kigali, Swahili
6185 VATICAN VR, SMG, Belarusian, 0315
6190 S. AFRICA BBC-Meyerton, English

41 mb between 0300 and 0400

7205 GERMANY RL-Biblis, Russian
7210 ENGLAND BBC-Rampisham, Swahili
7215 SWAZILAND TWR, African langs *0330
7230 VATICAN RCI via Vatican, Arabic
7255 ASCENSION BBC, English
7270 GERMANY AWR-Wertachtal, African langs
7280 GERMANY R. Farda, Farsi
7300 RUSSIA VOA-Serpukhov, Spanish
7305 VATICAN VR, Spanish
7310 ENGLAND DW-Rampisham, German
7320 RUSSIA BBC-Krasnodar, Farsi
7335 VATICAN, VR, Belarusian 0320
7345 CZECH REP R. Prague, English
7360 VATICAN VR-SMG, French 0325
7380 BOTSWANA VOA, Swahili
7390 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim, Tatir-Bashkir
7400 BULGARIA R. Bulgaria, Russian
7410 CYPRUS BBC, Arabic
7440 UKRAINE RUI, English
7445 CYPRUS BBC, Pashto
7475 GREECE, VOG, Greek

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