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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monitoring from South Hill, Warrandyte State Park

I was in the Warrandyte State Park, about 25 mins from here, on Sunday January 31, a fiercely hot day of around 35 degrees!

I was doing some gold prospecting around the old mines of the 1870s, on the
top of South Hill, next to Fiddler's Gully.

No nuggets found, but propagation was excellent in the window 0300 to 0400
on 11 MHz, early afternoon, with shortpath Asia and longpath Africa dominating.

This is what the band looked like:

11575 Sri Lanka VOA Iranawela Pashto

11610 China CNR2
11620 India Urdu
" China CNR5
11630 China CNR1

11640 China CRI Kashi Hindi
11660 China CNR2
11670 China CNR2
11680 N. Korea KCBS
11685 China CNR11 Tibetan
11710 China CRI Urumqi Russian
11720 Vietnam VOV East Sea service
11730 China CRI Nepali *0300-0330*
11735 India Dari
" N. Korea VOK French
11750 Sao Tome VOA Kirundi *0330-0430*
11780 Germany VOA Lampertheim Somali *0330-0400*
11785 China CRI Kashi English
11800 Chinc CNR2
11810 S. Korea KBS
11815 China CNR8
11825 Romania RRI Spanish
11830 India nat service
11835 China CNR1
11845 China CNR2
11860 China Lhasa Mandarin
11880 Phils PBS
11885 China Xinziang PBS Urumqi Ugyhur
11935 China CNR5
11950 China Lhasa
11960 China CNR1
11970 Uzbekistan CVC Tashlent
11980 China CNR1
12015 Thailand RL Udorn Turkmenian
12025 Kuwait RL Uzbek
12045 China CNR1
12055 China CNR1

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