Thursday, March 18, 2010

As Daylight Savings Time comes to an end soon here in Melbourne, our morning sunrise window offers some surprisingly strong signals from Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa on 9 MHz and 11 MHz.

These are sample monitoring entries of March 17, 2010:

9340 PAKISTAN R. Pak, Urdu to 1900*

9345 RUSSIA R. Bilau via Samara, Amharic to 1900*

9895 SRI LANKA RN via Trincomalee, Arabic 1935

11875 FRANCE RTI via Issoudin, French 1905

11955 GERMANY AWR via Nauen, Arabic 1910

Forget all about Radio Sweden - a lost cause!

The image above is of a Bunyip - these ferocious creatures live in the hills in the Bunyip State Park, near Melbourne, where I visit for field monitoring.

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