Tuesday, August 3, 2010

China spectrum study, 11 MHz band

There has been interesting shortpath propagation from China into Melbourne
during our mid-afternoon, during the period 0500 to 0600.

The dominant mode is multi-hop E-layer, where the Absorption Limiting
Frequency (ALF) is around 10 MHz, as compared with about 14 MHz for the

This is a summary of spectrum occupancy as noted on August 3, 2010, from a
field site 40 km east of central Melbourne, in the Olinda Forest, Dandenong
Ranges National Park, using the Eton E5 and about 3 m of random antenna.

11620 CNR5 Beijing Mandarin
11640 CRI Kunming Vietnamese
11660 CNR2 Xian Mandarin
11750 CNR1 Shizaoyang Mandarin
11780 CNR8 Beijing Kazakh to 0530*
11800 CNR2 Beijing Mandarin
11835 CNR2 Xianyang Mandarin
11905 CNR6 Beijing Amoy
11915 CNR2 Baoji Mandarin
11960 CNR1 Beijing Mandarin
12045 CNR1 Beijing Mandarin
12055 CNR8 Kazakh Lingshi

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