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Friday, October 8, 2010

Excellent p;ropagation on 11 MHz

Despite the continuation of very low levels of solar activity, propagation
into Melbourne in the 25 metre band has been excellent in the pre-sunrise
period, 1830 to 1930 on 25 metres.

The band has been dominated by strong signals from Europe, the Middle East,
Africa, and Asia.

Of particular note is the cluster of transmissions from the Voice of Russia
at the top end of this band with broadcasts to Europe and Africa.

This is a summary of spectrum occupancy as noted on October 7, 2010:

11535 N. KOREA VOK English 1900
11550 ARMENIA VOR-Yerevan French 1905
11600 LIBYA V. of Africa Hausa 19156
11680 AUSTRIA BBC-Moosbrun Arabic 1900
11705 FRANCE RFI Issoudin French 1905
11715 ROMANIA RRI Spanish 1905
11720 PHILIPPINES PBS Tinang English/Tagalog 1915
11730 ENGLAND Polish Radio, Woof, Ukrainian 1850
11775 FRANCE R. Algeria,Issoudin, Arabic 1900
" CHINA CRI-Kashi German 1915
11795 ENGLAND DW-Rampisham English 1910
11840 GERMANY WYFR-Wertachtal French *1900
11875 ENGLAND IBRA-Woof, Fulfulde *1900
11895 CHINA CRI-Kashi Cantonese *1900
11925 GERMANY VOA-Wertachtal Tigrinya 1850
11945 FRANCE NHK-Issoudin Japanese 1845
11970 ROMANIA RRI French 1855
12005 TUNISIA Arabic 1830
12010 RUSSIA VOR-Samara French 1915
12030 RUSSIA VOA-Novosibirsk French 1830
12040 RUSSIA VOA-Moscow English 1840
12050 RUSSIA VOA-St Petersburg French 1845
12070 ENGLAND IBRA-Woof, African langs 1845

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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