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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Radio Waves are Humming!

Lots of activity on the bands as intercepted here in Melbourne now as we move into our pre-winter period! Solar activity still low, 10.7 cm flux down to 114, equivalent daily SSN 65.
Radio Australia has opened up several changes in late April/early May to its A12 schedule, and these new channels have appeared, carrying English programming, all from Shepparton, and audible here via groundwave :
5940 1500-1700
7410 0700-0900
9890 1300-1500
19000 0100-0300 (interesting  usage in 15 metre band!)
21740 2200-0100
I haven't noticed any of the planned DRM transmissions.
It's useful to be remember that frequency management, transmitter operations, transmitter maintenance, transmitter construction, HFCC/ABU-HF frequency coordination (on-shore and off-shore), are the responsibility of the transmission provider Broadcast Australia, which owns all ABC transmitter facilities, leasing these to the ABC, with funding provided to the ABC by the Federal Government's Annual Appropriation Bill.
May 4 interceptions revealed good multi-hop long-haul 7 MHz, 9 MHz, 11 MHz propagation from all continents during daytime in Melbourne, and here are some selected entries for our mid-afternoon research period:
7350 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
7435 GERMANY RL/RFE Lampertheim Russian
9375 GERMANY Croatian R. Wertachtal Croatian
9625 CANADA CBC Northern Service Sackville
9800 ROMANIA RRI Russian
9870 MADAGASCAR V. of People
9500 SWAZILAND TWR Manzini *0455, scintillating signals via long[path, English!
9515 ALBANIA CRI Cerrick Albanian
9555 CANADA VOV Sackville Vietnamese
9580 GABON Moyabi French
9590 ALBANIA CRI Cerrick Albania
9635 LITHUANIA RL/RFE Sitkunai Tatar-Bashkir
9700 ROMANIA RRI French
11560 RUSSIA R. Miraya, Nikolayev
11605 S. AFRICA RFI Meyerton French
11620 CHINA CNR5
11640 CHINA CRI Vietnamese
11850 GERMANY RFE/RL Lampertheim Russian
11930 BELARUS Minsk, nat network
11935 CHINA CNR5
11940 IRAN VOIRI I Dari
11945 SEYCHELLES BBC English
11970 FRANCE NHK Issoudin English
12025 BOTSWANA VOA English
11665 MALAYSIA RTM Malay
9850 RWANDA DW-Kigali English
Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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