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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Afternoon activity on 13 MHz

This is a summary of afternoon signals on 13 MHz on Dec 3 2012,  in the window 0300 to 0400, from a monitoring site near the Olinda Creek, in the Dandenong Ranges NP, 35 km east of central Melbourne.

Receiver Eton E5, 3 m antenna!

Some notes for 9 MHz are also shown.

13580 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawila *0330 Somali
13590 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
13600 CHINA CRI-Kunming Tamil
13610 CHINA CNR1
13615 SRI LANKA R. Farda, Iranawila, Persian
13620 CHINA CRI-Xian English
13650 N. KOREA VOK Chinese
13655 CHINA CRI-Xian Chinese
13695 INDIA *0315 Hindi
13710 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Chinese
13735 CHINA CRI-Kashi Tamil
13760 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
13780 CHINA CRI-Kunming Nepali

9395 ARMENIA VOR-Yerevan Spanish
9480 ARMENIA VOR-Yerevan Spanish
9750 CHINA PBS-Nei Menggu, Hohhot, Mongolian, relaying CNR8 Minority Lang network

From a technical viewpoint, all of the 13 MHz Asian signals were short-path, all-daylight propagation!

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