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Friday, March 29, 2013

A13 operations - Shortwave cutbacks continue

This is a summary of some of the significant planned variations effective March 31, for the A13 season, most representing reductions in output:
AUSTRIA. ORF – only one service to remain – 75 mins daily from Moosbrun to Europe, German. The site continues in use for brokered relays from TWR, BBC, AWR, VOV and FEBA
AUSTRALIA. RA relays to continue from Dhabbaya, Kranji, Palau
CANADA. RCI to continue from the Kimjae (S. Korea) relay, five hours daily to Asia
CROATIA. V. of Croatia service from Kranji relay to Australia to be deleted – Nauen and Deanovec remain operational tor other targets
ENGLAND. BBC – major reductions worldwide – Cyprus facility to close down – World Service in Arabic to be closed
ENGLAND. CVC Zambia facility  to cease – only Tashkent relay remains, Hindi, 20 hrs daily
ENGLAND. FEBA relays to be cut back – to be Tashkent, Dhabbaya, Moosbrunn, Yerevan, Kigali Ascension
ENGLAND. IBRA operations to be cut back – only Woofferton, Meyerton, Dhabbaya
FRENCH GUYANA. Montsinery relay usage to be reduced to two hours daily, for WYFR programming, Spanish and Portuguese
NETHERLANDS. RN to be reduced to 30 mins daily from the WHRI relay, to Americas, Spanish
POLAND. Polish Radio from Sofia relay, to be six hours daily
VATICAN. VR relays will continue from Tinang, Palauig, Tashkent, Greenville, Madagascar
VIETNAM. VOV relays to continue only from WHRI Woofferton, Moosbrunn, Dhabbaya
USA. WRMI relays to be Issoudin, Nauen, Wertachtal
USA. VOA - major reductions worldwide, various language streams

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