Friday, September 27, 2013

Enhanced propagation on 9 MHz and 11 MHz

On Sep 26 I went over to my favourite monitoring site at Fifth Hill, Warrandyte State Park. Took the litle Eton with three metres of random wire tossed into scrubtrees. Kicked out the cockatoos and snakes!
Interesting propagation pattern in mid-afternoon, several shortpath signals from Brazil  and SEAsia available!
This is a summary of some of the discoveries in the 0500 to 0530 window:
9515 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Arabic
9565 BRAZIL // 11765
9590 ALBANIA CR I-Cerrick Arabic
9595 JAPAN NSB Japanese
9735 GERMANY BVB-Nauen Arabic, Thursdays only!
9760 GERMANY R. Farda, Lampertheim
9800 RWANDA DW-Kigali English
9850 VIETNAM VOV domestic net Hmong
11735 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
11765 BRAZIL
11780 BRAZIL
11815 BRAZIL
11850 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Russian
11860 IRAN Turkish
11905 VATICAN VOA via Santa Maria di Galeria Kurdish
11930 BELARUS R. Minsk nat network

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