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Friday, February 7, 2014

Monitoring Research - 15 MHz band

The 25 MHz band was wide open this morning between 1730 and 1800, pre-sunrise here in Melbourne.

String long path signals from Europe, ME, Africa, and short path from Asia and the Americas.

This is a summary of notable entries:

15105 ASCENSION BBC French *1800
15140 OMAN R. Oman Arabic
15155 GERMANY AWR-Nauen Oromo
15205 S. ARABIA Arabic
15225 S. ARABIA Arabic
15235 S. AFRICA Channel Africa English
15275 RWANDA DW-Kigali French
15285 EGYPT Amharic *1800
15300 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French
15335 FRANCE BVB-Issoudin Somali
15370 BULGARIA ESAT Radio, Kostinbrod Amharic
15400 ASCENSION BBC English
15420 ASCENSION BBC English
15435 S. ARABIA Arabic
15445 GERMANY DW-Nauen Japanese
15455 SAO TOME VOA English
15540 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Urdu
15570 VATICAN VR-SMG English
15580 VATICAN VOA-SMG English
15610 USA WEWN English
15620 VATICAN VOA-SMG Somali
15690 FRANCE RTI-Issoudin English
15710 EGYPT Hausa from *1800
15825 USA USA WWCR English

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