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Thursday, October 23, 2014


On an unusually warm day (35 degrees!) I went over to Warrandyte on the afternoon of October 2014, and set up the Eton E5 receiver and two metres of random antenna in the former gold-moaning precinct on Fifth Hill.
This is one of the few public parklands in Melbourne's outer suburbs which is still relatively free of power line pollution and I would like to share with you some monitoring notes made between 0300 and 0430 (local time 1400 to 1500).
Strangely, very little propagation on frequencies below about 10 MHz, but the higher frequencies were good!
Noteworthy items included:
12015 USA NHK via WHRI Spanish from 0400
17640 PALAU – T8WH, World Harvest Radio at Koror, English 0300
11875 IRAN – Arabic to 0420*
15170 S. ARABIA Arabic 0400
15690 GERMANY R. Farda Lampertheim Persian 0315
17690 SRI LANKA – Radio Azadi, Iranawila, Dari 0320
17895 S. ARABIA Arabic 0415
Image - Palau Islands

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