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Monday, March 30, 2015


Even though the A15 season has not yet "officially" started, many broadcasters have already moved their operations to the new schedule! A15 HFCC-authorized frequencies are supposed to start at 0001 UT on Mar 30 UT, but some broadcasters will delay this until 0100 on March 30.
Frequency occupancy on some channels is now a mixture of B14 and projected A15 operations, which may sort itself out when March 30 UTC arrives!
This is a summary of spectrum usage made on March 29, 2015, in the pre-sunrise window here in Melbourne!
9310 THAILAND VOA-Udon Korean
9335 PAKISTAN Urdu
9540 ROMANIA RRI German
15260 ENGLAND IBRA-Woofferton Arabic
6145 ENGLAND KBS-Woofferton French
7485 PHILS VOA-Tinang Korean
11790 GERMANY$MANY AWR-Nauen African lang
11885 IRAN English
12060 FRANCE R. Algeria Issoudin Arabic
13660 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton English
13810 IRAN Hausa
13820 FRANCE R. Algeria Issoudin Arabic
15460 SPAIN Spanish
15490 SPAIN Spanish


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